Friday, March 27, 2009

Not the only one

I recently received an email in response to my posts about struggling to reconcile kink and Islam. This person wrote to me that he was from a Muslim family and involved in kink and that he had thought that he "was the only one out, and super deviated".

In my reply to him, I recounted an anecdote that I would like also to post here:

A few weeks ago, I attended my first "munch"--a low-key community gathering for kinky folks at a local coffee shop. It was time for Maghrib prayer and I saw one of the guys at the munch get out his little prayer kit and excuse himself to go make wudu and pray. I asked if I could join him, so I put on my hijab (actually, a big floppy hat that covers my hair, ears, and neck) and we went outside and prayed together in a courtyard. He said that he has been going to these munches for a few years, and no one had ever joined him to pray before; it was quite a surprise and a curiosity for him. My point is, there are Muslims (plural!) everywhere, even in the kink scene.

I hope that this blog can foster more connections of that sort among people who are thinking through these questions and intersections.

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